Lebanese talents abroad: Luciana Zogbi

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Lebanese talents abroad: Luciana Zogbi

Postby lebanese » Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:07 am

A couple of months ago, I was sitting with my GF and watching some videos online. Somehow we ended on a site, where many contestants, who had submitted their videos, were competing for the most popular video. That is when i saw Luciana Zogbi's video. The first thing i told my GF, wait, what is her name? she looks like she is Lebanese. I saw her name and family name and i immediately knew that Luciana is of Lebanese origin; We all know Nawal el Zogbi, :).

I have so many questions about her... like where did you grow up? have you visited Lebanon? Maybe I should do an interview with her :D, at least a virtual one. All I found was her biography site and this page by one of her fans, Luciana Zogbi and ofcourse her facebook page, instagram, twitter... etc...

anyway, I am always proud to discover how talented Lebanese are, :)
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