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Wordads is the only advertising program that can be used on Wordpress Hosted blog.

The program was launched in the end of the 2011 and has been a complete success, here is Wodpress had to say about it:

Coming up in February, we will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of WordAds. Based on the feedback we get from advertisers and publishers, we’re calling the program a success. We now have more than 10 thousand sites running WordAds with around 1 billion ad impressions per month, and we will be paying out around $1 million to WordAds publishers in 2013.

There are many publishers who are have written reviews about WordAds, here is one of these WordAds review: http://humanbreeds.com/2014/10/13/worda ... wordpress/

Wordpress is continuously contributing to the virtuous circle of the web, firstly by launching its free Wordpress blogging service, releasing its blogging software as open source on Wordpress.org and finally by helping bloggers make some money by doing what they love most >>> Blogging.

Thank you Wordpress.
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