the US $ at its highest level against the Jap Yen since 2008

the US $ at its highest level against the Jap Yen since 2008

Postby lebanese » Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:19 pm

After the good news about the improvement of the US economy and due to expectations of raising the interest rate on the US $ in 2015, the US dollar has reached its highest level versus the Japanese Yen since year 2008. Specifically, the US $ has reached recently the exchange value of 107.17 Japanese Yen / $, which is the highest level since September 2008. For 9 consecutive weeks, the US $ has been picking up or appreciating because of the expected ending of the quantitative monetary expansionary policy carried on by the Federal Reserve and US central Bank , who have injected around 4,000 billion $ in compliance with the mentioned stimulative expansionary program to enhance economic growth, increase employment and enlarge production and consumption. Hence, all investors would watch closely the monetary policy decisions to be taken next week by the US central bank to increase the interest rates for the first time since 2006. Notice that US interest rates have reached close to zero due to continuous reduction in the past years since 2006 in order to help revive and expand the US economy.
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