African Prodigy: Kelvin Doe or... Dj Focus

African Prodigy: Kelvin Doe or... Dj Focus

Postby lebanese » Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:16 am

His name is Kelvin Doe... his community and country, Sierra Leon knows him as Dj Focus, well, because he is a DJ and because he is knows to be smart / i.e. has FOCUS and persistence to invent and create.

I first found about him, while i was browsing freshly posted Wordpress articles, and this article, Kelvin Doe / Dj Focus caught my attention.

Kelvin Deo has defied poverty, scarcity, misfortune, abandonment and taught him self how to invent and create electrical and electronic devices that are extremely important for his community. He won several competitions dedicated to African youth and is now completing his studies after being granted a scholarship.

Watch this video, his story is inspirational

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