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Banking and Finance, Business Graduate, I am self Employed, living in Lebanon and writing is one of my hobbies. This blog is a result of my financial and economic research and analysis. Please, feel free to comment on my articles, i enjoy having discussions in related topics.

5 Reasons Lower Oil Prices won’t Stop Solar, Wind and Electric Cars

I was reading an article talking about five reasons why lower oil prices won’t stop solar and wind renewable energy resources in addition to electric or hybrid cars. Developing technologies are making power plants that produce electricity from sunlight and … Continue reading

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The 4 states of mind ( Happiness in the present) vs Future Vision

The video is for Vishen Lakhiani who is the founder of the mindvalley company, which grew from a very small company into an international company of a very large value in the market of various countries in the world. He … Continue reading

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The Right of Lebanese Women to Grant Citizenship to their Families

At the beginning of the 21st century, isn’t it an important matter that Lebanese women would be given the right to offer their children (who are part of them) and their husbands (life partners) the Lebanese citizenship especially if they … Continue reading

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The strength of the Lebanese Banking Sector

Lebanon is a country of wonders and miracles ranging from famous artists and singers like “Fayrouz” to brilliant poets and writers like Gibran khaleel Gibran and from magnificent nature to many scientists and inventors of Lebanese descent scattered in the … Continue reading

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Will The Euro Currency Persist?

The European Union and specifically the Euro zone have no good or interest in banishing (getting rid) of the unified currency called “Euro”. The Euro is an important sign of the unification of the economies of 17 European countries giving … Continue reading

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Lebanese Electricity Sector

I do remember year 1990, the first day in my whole life as a 7 years old, to see the feeble light coming out of the old lamps in my house. That was a big deal, why? Because that was … Continue reading

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Will History Repeat itself in 21st Century?

Will Tunisian revolution in 2011 be like the French revolution (in 1789) that has contributed to the development in European social, political and economic reality?

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Recent View on Economic Improvement in Lebanon

Recently, it has been obvious and clear that Lebanese economy has surpassed local unstable political situation and the global financial crisis in the past years; thanks to the careful and smart monetary policy of the central bank (that avoided much … Continue reading

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