The Lebanese Jungle

I am writing this to express my frustration from the way things are in Lebanon and i hope things will change soon.

I want to:

1- Express my frustration from every hour we spend in darkness with the absence of  electricity and what it carries of financial and cultural burdens. Every Lebanese is given two choices every time a planned or unplanned power cut occurs.

Option A: Stay isolated from the whole world and enjoy an evening on the light of the candle,

Option  B: Pay private Generation Bills, since you have no other financial burdens to worry about.

2- Discuss with every responsible and hardworking Lebanese, why do we have to pay 10% VAT on every item we eat, drink or consume in anyway? What is really being done with this money? How is it spent? How can we prevent our politicians from using this money for their personal pleasures while we struggle for a living?

3- I am curious to know what is the percentage of Lebanese Immigrants Abroad compared to those still residing in lebanon. Is it acceptable that the majority of the Lebanese university graduates are driven outside of their country after months of unemployment and frustration while helplessly searching for a job in the Lebanese Jungle…

4- How is it acceptable that there are no decent medical coverage for the Lebanese citizens? Is it really necessary to humiliate every middle and lower class civilian in his/her survival struggle against any disease or accident?

sadly the list can go much longer… but ill stop here to say that i’m writing in this blog to try to make a difference in the Lebanese situation… I hope a community of Lebanese who share the same vision for Lebanon will gather around this forum to try to change the sad reality of Lebanon.

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